Certified Officials for 2023

ASH Stephanie Adams, Mary Ellen Foster, Russ Touchberry
CCC Kate Adams, Justin Ellett, Jason Gregorie, Mike Mullen, Carey Newlin
CF Trey Horn, Kim Kay, Cesar Ona, Greg Stevenson
DI Tracy DeWitt, Mark Hafner, Kevin Lewis, Patrick McGivern, Brian Riley, Emily Winograd
FJ Caitlin Astle, Megan Cliff, Jeff Irwin, Jessica Swift, Krissy Wissel
HYC Leigh deHoll, Anne Parnell, Christine Toporek
JIST Summer Conrad, Jenny Dorsey, Jim Early, Lea Lempesis, Angela Pu, Josh Stroble
LOST Wayne Greenaway, William Mataya
LP Lauren Almaguere, Patrick Klingemann, Tina Russell, Zhiwei Ye
NBT Victor Boudolf, Cynthia Cooksey, Annie Klingshirn
NC Sarah Cumbie, Matt Leighty, Monica Schrader, Chris Swetckie
NST Natalie Fennell, Jennifer Guare, Jim Hamilton, Betsy Jonas, Scott Jonas, Jon Osteritter, Doyne Routhier, Sonya Routhier
PKS Kristin Cook, Kelly Lewis, Blake Marvin, Daisy McClellan, Marshall Milligan, Betsy Sidebottom
SF Kim Breland, Shannon Frece
SM Zack Hanna, Matthew Kornegay, Jason Scarbrough
SML Amanda Hart, Janel Russell
SVY Helio de Castro, Dave Drost, Christy Roling, Josh Walker
WCW Tammy Casa, Steve Hutton, David Parler, Allison Stucky

Updated Tuesday, May 30

2023 Officials' Training

Officials’ training will be conducted over Zoom on three dates in April and May. See below for requirements for attendance and testing. Tests will be posted in mid-April. Each of these four sessions will cover stroke and turn rules from 7:00-8:30 pm and CCAA rules from 8:30-9:00 pm.

Thursday, April 27
Tuesday, May 2
Tuesday, May 9 (extra makeup session)

The poolside training session for starters is scheduled for 10:00 am on Saturday, May 6, at Northbridge Terrace pool.

CITY MEET OFFICIALS (to be posted in July 2023)

General Info

A team may not host a dual meet until two officials from that team have passed the test(s).

  • New officials must attend both types of classes (stroke/turn and CCAA rules).
  • Officials with one or two years’ experience in the CCAA must attend both types of classes.
  • Officials with three or more years’ experience in the CCAA are welcome to attend classes but are not required.
  • Each team must have two officials pass the applicable tests. A team may not host a dual meet until two officials have passed the applicable tests.
  • The tests will be posted in May 2023.
  • Officials who are new to CCAA but are USA Swimming or YMCA certified must attend CCAA rules class and take CCAA rules test. They must submit a copy of their USA Swimming or YMCA certification.
  • Officials who are experienced in CCAA and are USA Swimming or YMCA certified must take CCAA rules test but are not required to attend classes. They must submit a copy of their USA Swimming or YMCA certification.
  • All non-USA Swimming officials, regardless of experience, must take the CCAA rules test and the stroke and turn test.